Get your free bag today!

Just call our cleaners and schedule a pick up and we will give you a free laundry bag for trying us out.

Free Pick up and Delivery

This is our customers' favorite service because of the convenience it gives them and its FREE! We know that bringing your clothes to your local cleaners can be a chore so we created an easy way for you to save yourself time. With quick and easy scheduled pick up and deliveries you can focus on the things that really matter and without sacrificing quality cleaning and service.

How it works

  1. We give you a bag that is labeled with your name and account phone number so that we can identify your clothes.
  2. You put all the clothes that need to be dry cleaned, altered, and laundered into the laundry bag.
  3. Contact us to schedule a pick up or leave outside if you have a regular pick up at the time of pick up.
  4. We will pick up your clothes, have the work needed done, and deliver them back to you in 2 days.

Serving Areas below:

  • Teaneck
  • Hackensack
  • Englewood
  • New Milford
  • Bergenfield
  • Ridgefield Park


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if I need something same day?
    If you bring your clothes before 9am we can have them back to you same day! Anything after 9am will be finished by next business day if requested. You can also schedule a pick up for a time before 9am to have the order finished same day.
  2. What if I need some alteration done?
    If you have some alterations or repair needs, please leave a note inside the bag stating what work needs to be done. Using a small piece of tape or safety pin attach note to the garment as this is very helpful. Or you can call us and let us know the work that needs to be done before the pick up is made and we will make the necessary arrangements to make sure that the repair is done.
  3. What is there is a hard to see stain?
    We look carefully at our customers clothes to make sure that stains are not missed. But if you feel that the stain is a particularly hard on to fine then, we would ask that you would attach a note to the garment that has that stain.
  4. How do you accept payment for pick up and deliveries?
    For first time customers we only accept credit card and cash. For regulars we may allow the use of checks.
  5. What happens if we are not available for the delivery at that time but will be home later?
    If you have left your credit card on file we will have received payment for the cleaning and we can leave the garments in front of your door if allowed. 
  6. Do you do businesses and offices?
    We do pick up and deliver for businesses and offices. Interested businesses can call us for special pricing on large amount of clothing.